Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Joshua White

Group Leader
Subsurface Transport Group
Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Division

 +1 925-422-3939

Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stanford University
M.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stanford University
B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Princeton University

Research Interests

My research focuses on integrating field monitoring techniques with large-scale computing to improve our understanding of complex geologic systems. Applications of interest include geologic carbon sequestration, unconventional energy production, and induced seismicity.


  • Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellowship, September 2009 to August 2012
  • Centennial Teaching Assistant Award, Stanford University, 2007
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2006
  • Stanford University Graduate Fellowship, 2004

Selected Publications

J.A. White & W. Foxall. Assessing induced seismicity risk at CO2 storage projects. Recent progress and remaining challenges. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, 49:413-424, 2016.

J.A. White, N. Castelletto, and H.A. Tchelepi. Block-partitioned solvers for coupled poromechanics: a unified framework. Comp. Meth. Appl. Mech. Eng. 303:55-57, 2016.

J.A. White, L. Chiaramonte, S. Ezzedine, W. Foxall, Y. Hao, A. Ramirez, and W. McNab. Geomechanical behavior of the reservoir and caprock system at the In Salah CO2 Storage Project, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(24):8747-8752, 2014.

J.A. White. Anisotropic damage of rock joints during cyclic loading: Constitutive framework and numerical integration. Int. J. Numer. Analy. Meth. Geomech 28(10):1036-1057, 2014.

J.A. White and R.I. Borja (2011). Block-preconditioned Newton-Krylov solvers for fully coupled flow and geomechanics, Computational Geosciences (15) 647-659.

J.A. White and R.I. Borja (2008). Stabilized low-order finite elements for coupled solid-deformation/fluid-diffusion and their application to fault-zone transients, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (197) 4353-4366.

J.A. White, R.I. Borja, and J.T. Fredrich (2006). Calculating the effective permeability of sandstone with multiscale lattice Boltzmann/finite element simulations, Acta Geotechnica (1) 195-209.

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