Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Teresa Hauk

Database Management/Geophysical Montioring Program/Seismology Group
Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Division

 +1 925-423-7332

B.S. Geosciences/Emphasis Geophysics
University of Arizona

Research Interests

Relational database management and development in response to information exchange and tool development for archiving and deriving measurements from seismic waveforms and metadata for nuclear explosion monitoring research

Selected Publications and Papers

Hauk, T.F., D.A. Dodge, M.D. Ganzberger, E.M. Matzel, S.D. Ruppert (2008). Enhancing Seismic Calibration Research through Software Automation and Scientific Information Management, in Proceedings 30th Monitoring Research Review: Ground-based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies, pp. 978-987.

Harris, D.B., F. Ringdal, E. Kremenetskaya, S. Mykkelveit, D. W. Rock, N. Marcklin, J. Schweitzer, T.F. Hauk, J.P. Lewis (2005). Ground Truth Collection for Mining Explosions in Northern Fennoscandia and Northwestern Russia, in Proceedings 27th Seismic Research Review: Ground-based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies, v. 1, pp. 31-41.

Walter, W.R., K.D. Smith, J.L. O'Boyle, T.F. Hauk, F. Ryall, S.D. Ruppert, S.C. Meyers, R. Abbot, D.A. Dodge (2004). An Assembled Western United States Dataset for Regional Seismic Analysis, UCRL-TR-206630, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

O'Boyle, J.L., S.D. Ruppert, T.F. Hauk, D.A. Dodge, M.D. Ganzberger, F. Ryall (2003). Middle East, North Africa and Western Eurasia Seismic Research Database, in Proceedings 25th Seismic Research Review: Nuclear Explosion Monitoring—Building the Knowledge Base, pp. 729-737.

O'Boyle, J.L., S.D. Ruppert, T.F. Hauk, D.A. Dodge, M. Firpo (2000). Middle East, North Africa and Former Soviet Union Research Database, in Proceedings 22nd Seismic Research Symposium: Planning for Verification of and Compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Paper 08-09 in Data Processing and Analysis.

Goldstein, P., M.D. Denny, T. Hauk, S.P. Jarpe (1994). On-Site Seismic Yield (OSSY) Estimates for BRISTOL Based on Nuclear to Chemical Explosion Spectral Ratios and Yield Scaling, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America; April 1994; v. 84; no. 2; pp. 343-349.

Dowla, F.U., T.F. Hauk, J.B. Rundle, J.J. Hopfield (1992). Earthquake Forecasting Using Neural Networks (abstract), Seismological Research Letters, 63, pp. 21.

Jarpe S. P., L. J. Hutchings, T. F. Hauk, A. F. Shakal (1989). Selected strong- and weak-motion data from the Loma Prieta earthquake sequence, Seismological Research Letters, 60, pp.167-176.

Hutchings L.J., S. Jarpe, P. Kasameyer, T. Hauk, (1988). Microseismicity of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field [abstract] 69 EOS, Trans. American Geophysical Union, pp. 1312.

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