Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ivana Cvijanovic

Postdoctoral Appointment
Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Division

 +1 925-424-5263

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Eberhard-Karls University of Tuebingen, Germany
Diplom (Univ.)
University of Novi Sad, Serbia

Research Interests

Atmospheric dynamics and atmospheric teleconnections:

Impacts of Arctic sea ice changes on atmospheric circulation patterns and weather extremes; remote drivers of precipitation changes (e.g., high latitude induced tropical precipitation shifts); Hadley cell dynamics and Intertropical Convergence Zone shifts; the role of atmospheric heat transport changes in polar amplification.

Mechanisms of abrupt past climate change:

Dansgaard-Oeschger events, bipolar seesaw (phase relationship between Greenland and Antarctic temperature records), coupling between tropical and high latitude precipitation and temperature proxies.

Honors and Awards

  • European Meteorological Society Young Scientist Award (2008).
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship award.
  • University of Novi Sad Excellence Awards.

Selected (Recent) Publications

Pedersen, R.A, Cvijanovic, I., Langen, P.L. and B. M. Vinther (2016): The Impact of Regional Arctic Sea Ice Loss on Atmospheric Circulation and the NAO. J. Climate, 29, 889–902.

Cvijanovic, I., Caldeira, K. and D.G. Macmartin (2015): Impacts of ocean albedo alteration on Arctic sea ice restoration and Northern Hemisphere climate. Environmental Research Letters 10, 044020.

Cvijanovic, I. and K. Caldeira (2015): Climate impacts of sea ice response in CO2 induced global warming. Climate Dynamics, 44, 1173-1186, doi: 10.1007/s00382-015-2489-1.

Caldeira, K. and I. Cvijanovic (2014): Sea ice radiative forcing, sea ice area, and climate sensitivity. Journal of Climate, 27, 8597–8607, doi:

Rasmussen et al. (2014): A framework for robust naming and correlation of past abrupt climatic changes during the recent glacial period based on three synchronized Greenland ice cores. Quaternary Science Reviews, 106, 14–28, doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2014.09.007.

NEEM community members (2013): Eemian interglacial reconstructed from Greenland folded NEEM ice core strata, Nature 493, 489-94. doi: 10.1038/nature11789.

Cvijanovic, I., Langen, P.L., Kaas, E. and P.D. Ditlevsen (2013): Southward Intertropical Convergence Zone shifts and implications for an atmospheric bipolar seesaw, Journal of Climate 26, 4121-4137,

Cvijanovic, I. and J.C.H. Chiang (2013): Global energy budget changes to high latitude North Atlantic cooling and the tropical ITCZ response, Climate Dynamics 40, 1435-1452, doi: 10.1007/s00382-012-1482-1.

Cvijanovic, I., Langen, P.L. and E. Kaas (2011): Weakened atmospheric energy transport feedback in cold glacial climates, Climate of the Past 7, 1061-1073, doi: 10.5194/cp-7-1061-2011.

Kollet, S.J., Cvijanovic, I., Schüttemeyer, D., Maxwell, R.M., Moene, A.F., and P. Bayer (2009): The influence of rain sensible heat and subsurface energy transport on the energy balance at the land surface, Vadose Zone Journal 8, 846-857.

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