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Roger Aines

Senior Scientist
Atmospheric, Earth and Energy Division

 +1 925-423-1113

Ph.D. Geochemistry
B.S. Chemistry
Carleton College

Current Research Interests

Carbon dioxide capture and storage. Natural gas production and use. Development of catalysts for carbon dioxide capture, management of pressure in geologic sequestration through brine withdrawal and treatment, encapsulation of carbon dioxide capture solvents, and integration of computational and experimental methods in earth science.

Recent Publications

Methane and Natural Gas Technology

Kim,J., A. Maiti, L.-C. Lin, J. K. Stolaroff, B. Smit, and R D. Aines, (2013) "New Materials For Methane Capture From Dilute And Medium-Concentration Sources" Nature Communications 10.1038/ncomms2697.

Stolaroff, Joshuah K., Subarna Bhattacharyya, Clara A. Smith, William L. Bourcier, Philip J. Cameron-Smith, and Roger D. Aines (2012) "Review of Methane Mitigation Technologies with Application to Rapid Release of Methane from the Arctic" Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (12), pp 6455–6469.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Aines, Roger D., Christopher M. Spaddaccini, Eric B. Duoss, Joshuah K Stolaroff, John Vericella, Jennifer A. Lewis, George Farthing (2013) "Encapsulated Solvents for Carbon Dioxide Capture" Energy Procedia 37, 219-224.

Floyd, William Clary, Sarah E Baker, Carlos A. Valdez, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Joe H. Satcher, Jane P Bearinger, and Roger D Aines (2013) "Evaluation of a Carbonic Anhydrase Mimic for Industrial Carbon Capture" Environmental Science and Technology, Just Accepted Manuscript • DOI: 10.1021/es401336f Publication Date (Web): 24 Jul 2013.

Koziol, Lucas, Essiz, SG , Wong, SE , Lau, EY , Satcher, JH, Aines, RD, Lightstone, FC (2013) "Computational Analysis of a Zn-Bound Tris(imidazolyl) Calix[6]arene Aqua Complex: Toward Incorporating Second-Coordination Sphere Effects into Carbonic Anhydrase Biomimetics"Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Volume: 9 Issue: 3 Pages: 1320-1327.

Lau, Edmond Y., Sergio E. Wong, Sarah E. Baker, Jane P. Bearinger, Lucas Koziol, Carlos A. Valdez, Joseph H. Satcher, Jr., Roger D. Aines, Felice C. Lightstone (2013) "Comparison and Analysis of Zinc and Cobalt-Based Systems as Catalytic Entities for the Hydration of Carbon Dioxide" PLoS ONE 8(6): e66187.

Rau, Greg H., Susan A. Carroll, William L. Bourcier, Michael J. Singleton, Megan M. Smith, Roger D. Aines (2013) "Direct Electrolytic Dissolution of Silicate Minerals for Air CO2 Mitigation and Carbon-Negative H2 Production" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 05/2013.

Koziol, Lucas , Carlos A. Valdez , Sarah E. Baker , Edmond Y. Lau , William C. Floyd , III, Sergio E. Wong , Joe H. Satcher , Jr., Felice C. Lightstone , and Roger D. Aines (2012) "Toward a Small Molecule, Biomimetic Carbonic Anhydrase Model: Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of a Panel of Zinc(II) Aza-Macrocyclic Catalyst" Inorganic Chemistry, 51 (12), pp 6803–6812.

Buscheck, Thomas A. Yunwei Sun, Mingjie Chen, Yue Hao, Thomas J Wolery, William L Bourcier, Benjamin Court, Michael A Celia, S. Julio Friedmann, and Roger D Aines, (2012) "Active CO2 Reservoir Management For Carbon Storage: Analysis Of Operational Strategies To Relieve Pressure Buildup And Improve Injectivity" International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 6, Pages 230–245.

Bourcier, W.L., T.J. Wolery, T. Wolfe, C. Haussmann, T.A. Buscheck, R.D. Aines (2011) A Preliminary Cost And Engineering Estimate For Desalinating Produced Formation Water Associated With Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (2011) 5 (5) 1319-1328.

Maiti, A., W.L. Bourcier, R.D. Aines (2011) Atomistic Modeling Of CO2 Capture In Primary And Tertiary Amines – Heat Of Absorption And Density Changes. Chemical Physics Letters 509 (2011) 25–28

Carroll, Susan, Yue Hao and Roger Aines (2009) Geochemical Detection Of Carbon Dioxide In Dilute Aquifers. Geochemical Transactions 2009, 10:4.

Aines, Roger D., Martin J. Leach, Todd H. Weisgraber, Matthew D. Simpson, S. Julio Friedmann, Carol J. Bruton, (2009) "Quantifying The Potential Exposure Hazard Due To Energetic Releases Of CO2 From A Failed Sequestration Well" Energy Procedia, 1 (1) 2421-2429.

Simon, A.J. Naluahi B. Kaahaaina, S. Julio Friedmann, Roger D. Aines (2009) "Systems Analysis And Cost Estimates For Large Scale Capture Of Carbon Dioxide From Air" Energy Procedia, 4, 2893-2900.

Stochastic Analysis

Ramirez, A.L., J. J. Nitao, W. G. Hanley, R.D. Aines, R. E. Glaser, S. K. Sengupta, K. M. Dyer, T. L. Hickling, W. D. Daily (2005) "Stochastic Inversion Of Electrical Resistivity Changes Using A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach" Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012) Volume 110, Issue B2, February 2005.

Delle Monache, Luca, Julie K. Lundquist, Branko Kosovic´ , Gardar Johannesson, Kathleen M. Dyer, Roger D. Aines, Fotini K. Chow, Rich D. Belles, William G. Hanley, Shawn C. Larsen, Gwen A. Loosmore, John J. Nitao, Gayle A. Sugiyama, Philip J. Vogt. "Bayesian Inference And Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling To Reconstruct A Contaminant Source On A Continental Scale." Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Volume 47, 2600.

Recent US Patents

Valdez, Carlos A. , Joe H. Satcher, Roger D Aines, Sarah E. Baker. 8394351 Synthesis of Triazole-Based and Imidazole-Based Zinc Catalysts.

Aines, Roger D 8394350 Catalyst Functionalized Buffer Sorbent Pebbbles for Rapid Separation of Carbon Dioxide from Gas Mixtures.

Aines, Roger D, William L. Bourcier, and Brian Viani. 8361195 Slurried Solid Media for Simultaneous Water Purification and Carbon Dioxide Removal from Gas Mixtures.

Bourcier, William L., Roger D. Aines, Jeffrey Haslam, Charlene Schaldach, Kevin C. Obrien, and Edward Cussler. 7981268 Deionization And Desalination Using Electrostatic Ion Pumping.

Aines, Roger D. and William L. Bourcier. 7828883 Carbon Ion Pump For Removal Of Carbon Dioxide From Combustion Gas And Other Gas Mixtures.

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