Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Hank Glauser

Principal Investigator
AD Staff (matrixed to Global Security)

 +1 925-424-5068

MBA Business
University of California at Berkeley
B.S. Environmental Studies
San Jose State University

Matrixed to the Global Security Directorate as Principal Investigator for the Portunus Project at LLNL in the Infrastructure Protection Group

The Portunus Concept couples the most efficient ways to move goods across both the ocean (ultra-large container ships) and domestically (short-sea shipping) with an offshore port(s) designed from the ground up to cut freight offload times, and protect our citizens and critical infrastructure. The offshore ports can inspect and transship freight in half the time it takes existing domestic ports, providing an overall cost savings. In addition, there are overwhelming economic, environmental and social benefits.


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Glauser, H. Portunus: Secure Commerce, California Maritime Leadership Symposium, March 2013  Time Reference 22:05 to 36:08

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