Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Robert Cauble

Director, Jupiter Laser Facility (JLF)

 +1 925-423-9198

Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering
University of Michigan
B.S. Physics
University of Arizona

Personal Background

Robert C. Cauble received his B.S. in physics in 1974 from the University of Arizona and his Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of Michigan in 1980. Cauble worked at the Naval Research Laboratory on theoretical predictions of the effects of high-density plasma on atomic transitions and particle transport. He came to LLNL in 1985 to work on projects to produce atomic models for plasma simulations and to design and analyze experiments to use laboratory x-ray lasers as high-density-plasma probes and interferometers. More recently, he has worked on large-scale simulations and designs of experiments to elicit material properties, mainly equation-of-state data at extreme pressures using intense, laser-driven shocks.
He currently serves as Director of the Jupiter Laser Facility.

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