Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Graham Bench

Research Staff
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

 +1 925-423-5155

Ph.D. Physics
University of Melbourne
B.Sc. Physics: First Class Honors
University of Melbourne
B.Sc. with highest distinction Physics & Math: First Class Honors
University of Melbourne

Research Interests

The application of accelerator based ion beam analysis (including microbeam) techniques and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) to the study of problems in the bio-medical and environmental sciences and materials characterization.


Quantitation of Absorbed or Deposited Materials on a Substrate that Measures Energy deposition.
P.G. Grant, O. Bakajin, J.S. Vogel and G. Bench — Patent number 6,844,543, January 18 2005.

System for Trapping and Storing Gasses for Subsequent Chemical Reduction to Solids.
J.S. Vogel, T.J. Ognibene, G. Bench and G.F. Peaslee — Patent application, 20040047766, March 11, 2004.

Integrated support and containment for mass by energy loss quantitation, transfer, resuspension or resolubilization and containment of material
N.M. Palmblad, J.S. Vogel and G. Bench — Patent application filed 11/08/2004, LLNL File No. IL-11453

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Award, 1993, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
  • Postgraduate Writing Up Award, 1991, University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • Australian Post-Graduate Research Award, 1990, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • HECS Post-Graduate Scholarship, 1989-1991, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Commonwealth Post-Graduate Research Award, 1987-1989, Australian Government
  • Kernot Research Scholarship, 1987, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • John Tyndall Scholarship, 1987, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Dixson Scholarship, 1986, University of Melbourne, Australia

Selected Publications

Bench, G., Lefevre, H.W., and Legge, G.J.F. "The Mapping of Unresolved Spatial Structure in STIM Images," Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B54, (1991), 378-382

Lefevre, H.W., Schofield, R.M.S., Bench, G. and Legge, G.J.F. "STIM with Energy Loss Contrast: An Imaging Modality Unique to MeV Ions," Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B54, (1991), 363-370

Bench, G., Saint, A., Cholewa, M., Legge, G.J.F., Weirup, D.L. and Pontau, A.E. "STIM Tomography: A Three-Dimensional, High-Resolution Imaging Tool," Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B68, (1992), 481-490

Antolak, A.J. and Bench, G.S. "PIXE Tomography of Samples with Inhomogeneous Elemental Composition," Nuclear Instruments and Methods, B88, (1994), 297-307

Bench, G.S., Friz, A.M., Corzett, M.H., Morse D.H. and Balhorn, R. "DNA and total protamine masses in individual sperm from fertile mammalian subjects," Cytometry, 23, (1996), 263-271

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Hu, Z., Bonifas, J.M., Beech, J., Bench, G., Shigihara, T., Ogawa, H., Ikeda, S., Mauro, T. and Epstein, H.E. "Mutations in ATP2C1, encoding a calcium pump, cause Hailey-Hailey disease," Nature Genetics, 24, (2000), 61-65

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Bench, G., Carlsen T., Grant, P., Wollett J., Martinelli, R., Lewis, J. and Divine, K.K. "Olfactory bulb uptake and determination of biotransfer factors in the California ground squirrel (Spermophilus beecheyi) exposed to Manganese and Cadmium in environmental habitats," Environmental Science and Technology, V35 (N2), (2001), 270-277

Clark, B. M., St. Clair, L. L., Mangelson, N. F., Rees, L. B., Grant, P.G. and Bench, G. "Characterization of mycobiont adaptations in the foliose lichen Xanthoparmelia chlorochroa (Parmeliaceae)," American Journal of Botany, 88, (2001), 1742-1749

Bench, G., Grant, P.G., Ueda, D., Cliff, S.S., Perry K.D. and Cahill, T. A. "The use of STIM and PESA to respectively measure profiles of aerosol mass and hydrogen content across Mylar rotating drum impactor samples," Aerosol Science and Technology, 36, (2002), 642-651

Bench, G., Clark, B. M., Mangelson, N. F., St. Clair, L., Rees, L., Grant, P.G. and Southon, J. R. "Use of 14C/C ratios to provide insights into the magnitude of carbon turnover in the crustose saxicolous lichen Caloplaca trachyphylla.." Lichenologist, 34, (2002), 169-180

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