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Victory Through Annihilation: Jason Brodsky’s Neutrinos that Saved the Universe

August 27, 2018

Jason Brodsky says his work is like “looking for a candle in a raging inferno.”

Elizabeth Sangalang

Go-getter undergrad lands second-author credential for “hydrogen-getters” research

February 7, 2018

Elizabeth Sangalang, a graduating senior studying biochemistry at California State University East Bay, has landed a second-author credential through the research she completed as a summer intern at LLNL.

CAMS scientist Alan Hidy places samples in the hydroxide form into a muffle furnace.

Alan Hidy’s global travels lead to a CAMS career

January 22, 2018

At CAMS, Alan Hidy explores landscape evolution, sedimentology, geochronology, and other aspects of Earth science relevant to Livermore’s national security mission.

Research Slam 2017

Research Slam 2017

September 14, 2017

On Sept. 7, 2017, 12 postdoc finalists of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's 2017 Research Slam! talked for three minutes each about their work before a distinguished panel of judges.

Meet Ivy Krystal Jones

Meet Ivy Krystal Jones

February 3, 2017

Ivy Krystal Jones is a postdoc working in the High Pressure Physics/Physics (Materials Science) Division of the Physical & Life Sciences Directorate.

Meet Tom Braun.

Meet Tom Braun

January 27, 2017

Tom Braun is a graduate scholar at Lawrence Livermore working in the Nanoscale Integration Science and Technology, Materials Science Division of the Physical & Life Sciences Directorate.