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Elastic constants for plutonium metal
Phase C11 C22 C33 C44 C55 C66 C12 C13 C23 C15 C25 C35 C46
α 120 109 86.2 43.4 50.6 43.7 -9.3 1.1 -11.5 22.1 20.2 21.9 -0.25
β 75.4 64.4 65.1 32.2 22.4 27.2 27.0 20.6 23.1 20.6 21.5 19.4 -0.95
γ 81.0 63.7 70.5 21.6 11.9 21.7 31.5 22.6 22.6        
δ 65.0     38.0     29.0            
δ′ 64.7   62.0 42.1   42.2 43.2 29.6          

Calculated elastic constants for alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and delta' plutonium

Predicting the properties of f-electron metals represents a fundamental challenge in condensed matter physics. Their complex geometries, narrow f-bands, and extraordinary heavy nuclei require a highly accurate numerical treatment. Also, correlation effects of the f-electrons impose a special challenge to theoreticians in some regimes. Our goal is the development of accurate multiphase equations of state, phase diagrams, and melt curves for f-electron materials. The primary theoretical tools are temperature-dependent PW, FP-LMTO, LAPW, and EMTO electronic structure calculations, and many-body and angular-force MGPT atomistic simulations, while dynamical mean-field theory is used where correlation effects are particularly significant. Results to date include temperature-dependent FP-LMTO calculations of the equations-of-state, structural stability, elastic moduli, zone-boundary phonons, unrelaxed vacancy formation energies, and ideal shear strengths. DMFT has also been successfully applied to the correlation-driven alpha-to-gamma transition in Ce. We have worked closely with CMMD diamond-anvil-cell experimentalists. This research effort is also closely coupled to the ongoing study of high-pressure strength. In particular, the phase diagram and elastic moduli are crucial inputs for full multi-phase strength models.

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