Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Young

 +1 925-422-7231

Ph.D. Physics
University of Utah

Personal Background

David Young is a physicist at LLNL. He is responsible for generating equation of state (EOS) data at the Livermore Lab. His work includes: 1) staying abreast of the experimental and theoretical advances in EOS; 2) developing new theoretical EOS models; 3) producing new EOS tables for LLNL and other users; and 4) managing the development of EOS software. LLNL user needs require very wide-range EOS data, including the solid, liquid, gas, and plasma states. He and his coworkers have developed efficient software for generating global EOS data and delivering it in tabular form to user codes. Their current focus is presently on a new EOS physics code, which will give better fits to experimental data.

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