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The EOS & Materials Theory Group in the Condensed Matter Science Section of the Physics Division currently consists of 17 Ph. D. research scientists working in the areas of theoretical and computational condensed-matter and materials physics, and 4 computer scientists working in related areas. The work environment blends the collegial atmosphere of a major research university with the focus and resources of a large national laboratory. Research scientists are normally employed at one of three levels, depending on qualifications, programmatic need and funding availability. These levels are postdoctoral (tenure up to 3 years), flexible term (tenure up to 6 years), and career (indefinite tenure). New opportunities arise periodically in the EOS & Materials Theory Group and are usually at the postdoctoral or flexible-term level. Information on current specific opportunities may be posted below. General enquiries and expressions of interest may be sent at any time to the EOS & Materials Theory Group Leader, John Klepeis, at or at

Dr. John Klepeis
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-045
Livermore, CA 94551-0808 USA

Current Opportunities

Summer student fellowships at the graduate level are often available. The deadline for applications is typically January or February each year. Contact Robert Rudd ( for more information.

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