Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Accelerator Facilities

POC: Scott Anderson (  +1 925-422-0195,

The LLNL 100 MeV electron linear accelerator (LINAC) facility has been operational since 1967. The LINAC was originally built to perform neutron cross-section measurements in support of the nuclear weapons program and boasts a shielded underground cave complex capable of supporting very high average power particle beams and radiation fields. The radiation areas and much of the LINAC equipment have been repurposed over the years to support program development in photon, neutron, and ion beam sources.

Radiochemistry Facilities

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The radiochemistry facility was built in 1967 to perform radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry experiments in support of the nuclear weapons program. It includes 75 laboratories with ~2/3 of the space dedicated to wet chemistry processes and 1/3 dedicated to analytical measurements. Type I, II, and III workspaces are available to handle dispersible radioactive materials to support sample dissolution and separation processes, as well as the preparation of sources and samples by evaporation, electro-deposition or volatilization for nuclear counting.