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Jim Glosli

Materials Division

 +1 925-422-5849

Jim Glosli
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-367
Livermore, CA 94551-0808

Ph.D. Physics
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Research Interests

Statistical mechanics, atomistic simulation methods, fast electrostatic methods, thermo-chemical equilibrium codes, bond order potentials, algorithm optimization, massively parallel architectures and algorithms, interfacial tribology, friction and wear, interfaces in aqueous solution, carbon phase diagram, carbon films and clusters, energetic materials, solidification of metals.

Personal Background

Jim received a PhD in physics from Simon Fraser University in Canada for his work on the statistical mechanics of energetic heavy ion collisions. In 1989 he accepted a postdoctoral position with IBM Almaden Research Center. At Almaden, using atomistic methods, he studied tribology of polymer films and structure of electrolytes at surfaces. In 1992 Jim Glosli joined LLNL and the Condensed Matter and Materials Division. Since then Jim has explored nanotribology of silicon and carbon films, growth of hydrogenated carbon films, phase transformation of carbon at high pressure and temperature, and nucleation and solidification of metals. Has developed various codes including order N methods for evaluations of long range Coulomb fields (FFM and PPPM), chemical equilibrium methods for multi-component multiphase systems (CHEQ) and molecular dynamics on massively parallel architectures (ddcMD). In 2005 the ddcMD code running on BG/L was the first scientific application to achieve 100 TFlops performance. Jim and his coworkers won the 2005 Gordon Bell Prize for this work.

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