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David Cereceda

CMS Group Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellow University of California at Los Angeles
Ph.D. UPM Madrid
M.S. Nuclear Science and Engineering
UPM Madrid
M.S. 5 Years Diploma Degree in Mechanical Engineering
UPM Madrid

GMSG Alumni

David Cereceda is now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Personal Background

David Cereceda, as a PhD candidate, worked with Jaime Marian at LLNL in the Computational and Material Science group starting in 2012. He received his 5 years diploma degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2010 and his Master in Nuclear Science and Technology in 2011, both from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. He participated in the CCMS Summer Institute in 2010. His graduate advisors are Prof. J.M. Perlado and Jaime Marian. His PhD research is focused on the multiscale simulation of Tungsten as a candidate for fusion applications.


  1. David Cereceda, A Stukowski, M R Gilbert, S Queyreau, Lisa Ventelon, M-C Marinica, J M Perlado and J Marian. "Assessment of interatomic potentials for atomistic analysis of static and dynamic properties of screw dislocations in W". 2013 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25 085702
  2. David Cereceda, J. Manuel Perlado, Jaime Marian. "Techniques to accelerate convergence of stress-controlled molecular dynamics simulations of dislocation motion". Computational Materials Science, Volume 62, September 2012, Pages 272-275.

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