Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

PLS scientists from the Materials Science Division, the Physics Division, and the Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division use high-performance computational models and experiments to understand weapons relevant issues:

  • PLS scientists leverage LLNL's expertise in high-performance computing and its state-of-the-art experimental facilities to expand our understanding of materials at the extreme conditions found in weapons as well as planetary or stellar interiors.
  • PLS scientists synthesize, formulate, and characterize explosives and other stockpile materials in an effort to ensure safety in the nation's nuclear stockpile as well as contribute to the development of conventional weapons to mitigate collateral damage.
  • PLS scientists collaborate with scientists within WCI to develop predictive performance models, including effects of materials aging and compatibility, in order to ensure the viability of the nation's nuclear stockpile.
  • PLS scientists work to develop and advance the radio-chemical techniques and assessments required to assess legacy underground testing and extend to certification of future LEP's.