Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Fast and Easy Identification of Explosives and Suspected Drugs 

October 2014

For U.S. troops in combat, accurately identifying the explosives used in a bomb or an improvised explosive device is critical to understanding enemy resources and capabilities. Thanks to an R&D 100 Award–winning technology called microTLC™, a wider range of unknown explosives compounds can be rapidly detected and identified by a simple-to-use, miniaturized, field-portable kit based on thin-layer chromatography (TLC). Livermore chemist John G. Reynolds led the Lawrence Livermore team that codeveloped the breakthrough instrument with Field Forensics, Inc.

Important successful test of a conventional warhead for DoD

(from Weekly news, week ending 11/1/13)

LLNL served as technical lead and integrator on an important recent test to assess a new conventional warhead designed by the Lab. Dave Hare, LLNL's program manager of the test, called it an "unequivocal success."