Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has fielded products and provided services that strengthen the Department of Defense's ability to achieve precision effects and enhance situational awareness. LLNL partners with Combatant Commands and the Joint Staff, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense agencies, Service components, and other DoD elements to meet priority Defense objectives. Working with Service and National laboratories, industry and academia to provide timely, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to warfighter priorities, LLNL provides mission support in the following areas:

  • Advanced conventional weapons: LLNL has pioneered an innovative class of advanced, precision-effects munitions that have proven both cost-effective to develop and capability-enhancing in the field.
  • Defense technology innovation: LLNL teams focus on actionable solutions to priority warfighter needs that are technologically sound, operationally feasible, and support mission needs.
  • Directed energy solutions: LLNL supports the Department of Defense goal of improving its ability to operate effectively within the electromagnetic spectrum to mitigate operational risks associated with adversary anti-access and area-denial capabilities.
  • Warfighter support: LLNL scientists innovate, prototype, and field capabilities and provide direct operational support on urgent and emergent warfighter requirements.

Capabilities and Solutions

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