Past MaCI Seminars


Hee Jeung Oh (Pennsylvania State University), “Molecular Scale Engineering of Membranes for Environment, Energy, and Health”

Jessica Schiffman (University of Massachusetts Amherst), “Engineering Bioinspired and “Greener” Polymer Materials”

Piran Kidambi (Vanderbilt University), “Selective Nanoscale Mass Transport through Atomically Thin 2D Membranes and Barriers”

Tequila Harris (Georgia Institute of Technology), “Enabling Roll-to-Roll Manufacture of Thin Films through Conventional and Innovative Coating Processes”

Will Tarpeh (Stanford University), “Electrochemical Wastewater Refining for Circular Chemical Manufacturing”


Abel Chuang (UC Merced), “Electrocatalytic Materials and Design: towards Hydrogen Energy Sustainability”

Anthony Santamaria (General Motors), “Liquid Water Management in PEM Fuel Cells for Transportation: Challenges & Opportunities”

Corie Cobb (University of Washington), “Three-dimensional Electrode Architectures for Lithium-ion Batteries”

Michael Filler (Georgia Institute of Technology), “Nanomodular Electronics”

Michelle Gaines (Spelman College), “Interfacial Chemical Properties in Polymer Biomimetic Materials & Hair”


Marion Martin (NC State University), “Get it Together: A Semester-long Group Project Exploring Structure-property Relationships in Introductory General Chemistry”

Alex Zettim (UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), “The synthesis and nanoelectromechanical application of low dimensional materials”

Nicholas Fuller (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center), “Career navigation: what are the signals to which one should pay attention?”

Tony Baylis (LLNL), “Diversity and Inclusion at LLNL”

Yat Li (UC Santa Cruz), “Structural and Compositional Engineered Electrochemical Materials for Energy Storage and Catalysis”

Firouzeh Sabri (University of Memphis), “In Vivo and In Vitro Biomedical Applications of Aerogels”

Lystranne Maynard-Smith (National Institutes of Health), “Peer Review—What is it and how did I get there?”

Cullen Buie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Microfluidic Bacterial Phenotyping and Genetic Transformation using Electric Fields”

Debasish Kuila (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University), “Development of Catalyst for Biomass Conversion into Fuels using 3-D printed SS Microreactor and Tubular Reactor”

Juana Mendenhall (Morehouse College), “Using Additive Manufacturing to Engineer Synthetic Tissues with Functional Gradients at Various Length Scales”

Simon Pang (LLNL), “Materials and Chemistry Research in Direct Air Capture of C02

Nicholas Calta (LLNL), “Using X-rays to watch metal 3D Printing”

Jeremy Feaster (LLNL), “Advanced manufacturing for electrosynthesis of fuels and chemicals from C02

Xiaojie Xu (LLNL), “An artificial nociceptor mimicked by a flexible polymer memristor”

Tim Yee (LLNL), “3D Printed Glass”