Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Marion Martin (NC State University)

  • “Get it Together: A Semester-long Group Project Exploring Structure-property Relationships in Introductory General Chemistry”

Alex Zettim (UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

  • “The synthesis and nanoelectromechanical application of low dimensional materials”

Nicholas Fuller (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center)

  • “Career navigation: what are the signals to which one should pay attention?”

Tony Baylis (LLNL)

  • “Diversity and Inclusion at LLNL”

Yat Li (UC Santa Cruz)

  • “Structural and Compositional Engineered Electrochemical Materials for Energy Storage and Catalysis”

Firouzeh Sabri (University of Memphis)

  • “In Vivo and In Vitro Biomedical Applications of Aerogels”

Lystranne Maynard-Smith (National Institutes of Health)

  • “Peer Review—What is it and how did I get there?”

Cullen Buie (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  • “Microfluidic Bacterial Phenotyping and Genetic Transformation using Electric Fields”

Debasish Kuila (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University)

  • “Development of Catalyst for Biomass Conversion into Fuels using 3-D printed SS Microreactor and Tubular Reactor”

Juana Mendenhall (Morehouse College)

  • “Using Additive Manufacturing to Engineer Synthetic Tissues with Functional Gradients at Various Length Scales”

Simon Pang (LLNL)

  • “Materials and Chemistry Research in Direct Air Capture of C02

Nicholas Calta (LLNL)

  • “Using X-rays to watch metal 3D Printing”

Jeremy Feaster (LLNL)

  • “Advanced manufacturing for electrosynthesis of fuels and chemicals from C02

Xiaojie Xu (LLNL)

  • “An artificial nociceptor mimicked by a flexible polymer memristor”

Tim Yee (LLNL)

  • “3D Printed Glass”