Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Mesoscale Materials and Chemistry

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is planning to hold its Computational Chemistry & Materials Science (CCMS) Summer Institute from June 6 - August 12, 2016. This program offers graduate students the opportunity to work directly with leading LLNL researchers on the development and application of cutting edge methods in computational materials science and chemistry and other related areas of computational science. The 2016 CCMS Summer Institute will have a special focus on "Mesoscale Materials and Chemistry" to reflect the ever increasing interest and enormous research opportunities in mesoscale phenomena, where classical, nanoscale and quantum science meet.

Each student will spend ten weeks at LLNL as a guest of an LLNL host scientist working on a computational project in the host's area of expertise. In addition, leading researchers from universities and national labs will give a series of mini-courses for the students. These courses will cover state-of-the-art and emerging computational methods in materials science and chemistry.

The program: Research projects on computational materials science and chemistry, weekly lectures by leading experts from universities and national labs (see link below for a list of the 2010-2015 CCMS lectures), tours of LLNL, networking activities.

Applications: The Institute will establish 10-15 summer fellowships for graduate students. Selections will be made from an open pool of applicants who have demonstrated a strong interest in computational sciences.

Topics: Ab Initio Electronic Structure Theory, Quantum Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Phase Field Modeling, Computational Mechanics, Multiscale Modeling.

Location: LLNL is located in the beautiful town of Livermore, just 40 miles east of San Francisco.

Financial Support: LLNL offers a generous salary and reimbursement of travel to and from LLNL.

Past CCMS Lectures

The deadline for applications has passed.

Applicants should be currently enrolled Ph.D. students at U.S. or foreign universities. U.S. citizenship is NOT a requirement. Applicants are required to submit the following: a CV/resume; a description of current thesis research; and a statement of the applicant's general interest, describing in a few brief sentences what he/she is seeking from the CCMS program. In addition, at least two reference letters, including one from the thesis advisor, should be included. .

The application process consists of two steps. The system will initially prompt for general information, a CV/resume, and references. Upon completion, you will receive an email describing where to send your thesis description and a general interest statement.

For more information please contact:
  Eric Schwegler (