Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jingke Xu

Experimental Particle Physicist

Nuclear and Chemical Sciences Division

August 31, 2020

What do you like about working at the Lab?

As a scientist, every day brings something new, sometimes exciting and sometimes challenging. LLNL provides a wonderful platform for me to pursue not only science but also applications of science.

What is your educational or career background?

BSc and PhD in experimental particle physics.

What inspired you to go into science?

I enjoy thinking about new problems and attempting to solve problems.

What do your day-to-day work activities include?

I am an experimental particle physicist hunting for rare particle interactions. My usual work activities include reading about new progresses in the field, discussing ideas with other scientists, developing and testing particle detection instruments, analyzing data, and preparing papers and presentations to explain my work.

What do you do in your free time?

I think about the application of science in everyday life, both at the technological level and the sociological level. And I try to explain my thoughts to my 3-year old daughter, who asks one hundred “whys” every day.

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