Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Heather Enright

Biomedical Scientist

Biosciences & Biotechnology Division

May 15, 2020

What do you like about working at the Lab?

I enjoy the variety of research at the Lab. While you can work within a particular research area (i.e. neuroscience, toxicology), you may be involved in completely different projects within this space. Projects tend to be very multi-disciplinary and application focused. This type of environment, along with the incredibly smart people at the Lab, make it a rewarding and stimulating place to work.

What do your day-to-day work activities include?

A mix of laboratory work, writing/data analyses, and team meetings to plan and discuss experimental progress.

What is your educational or career background?

I’ve worked at the Lab for 8 years. I have a bachelor’s in biology and chemistry and a PhD in chemistry.

What advice would you give to a new employee at the Lab?

Network across the Lab, and if you’re a postdoc, take advantage of your postdoc development time!

Are you a member of any employee networking groups?

The Organic Gardening Networking Group.

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