Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Brytni Soto

Pronouns: she/her

Division Administrator

Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division

June 2, 2022

What do you like about working at the Lab?

I have appreciated the learning and growth opportunities at the Lab. In PLS, I am honored to work with great people who value the contributions and work of those around them. Over the course of my career, I have been able to expand my administrative experience and apply this to the successful teams that I have been a part of.

What do your day-to-day work activities include?

I am involved with many of the activities that happen in our division. No two days look the same, but some of my responsibilities include supervision, hiring activities, operations support, personnel tasks, awards, Division Office support, and addressing needs as they arise.

What is one project you’re really proud to have worked on?

I am very proud to have been on several wonderful administrative teams but if I had to narrow it down to just one, I would say it was leading our admin team and supporting our division staff’s remote operations during the pandemic. This feat required synchrony, empathy, understanding, and true teamwork. I am very proud of the work our administrative staff continued to do despite the unknown challenges and new changes they had to contend with.

What is your educational or career background?

I started at the lab in November of 2009, and I have a BA in sociology, a master’s in public administration (MPA), and a certificate in human resource management (HRM). I recently added being a certified career coach to my list of achievements.

What inspired you to go into your field of work?

My career has been gradual, but I have always had a spirit to serve. My career in the administrative realm has come very naturally. I am always looking for opportunities to learn and grow and I have found that this is my passion, I enjoy watching and supporting others succeed.

What advice would you give to a new employee at the Lab?

It’s never too early to build a network. Although this requires effort and nurturing of relationships, this network becomes a resource to help you navigate your career.

What are your hobbies/what do you do in your free time?

First and most importantly, I am a mom and wife. I enjoy traveling, I am a Disney addict, and I love learning about other cultures and customs. I am also a professional career coach and am passionate about helping others develop. At the Lab, I am a member of the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Women’s Association (LLLWA).