Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Our management team ensures LLNL reaches mission and program goals by delivering outstanding expertise, world-class scientific results and creative technological solutions

Glenn Fox

“The Physical and Life Sciences Directorate (PLS) provides fundamental and innovative science and technology in support of NNSA and other programmatic sponsors. Our multi-disciplinary and world-class workforce is the foundation of our organization, and indispensable to the Laboratory's programs. Our efforts are strategically focused on meeting future national security needs, while providing critical results for the needs of today.”

Sonia Létant

Deputy Associate Director
Science and Technology

“We grow and nurture the science and technology through managing internal investments, external interactions, sponsorships of meetings, workforce planning, scientific communication, and quality assurance and assessment.”

Tarabay Antoun

Division Leader
Atmospheric, Earth & Energy

“The Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division (AEED) focuses on the development and application of world class scientific capabilities to elucidate the complex interactions among energy production, energy utilization and the environment.”

Kris Kulp

Division Leader
Biosciences & Biotechnology

“BBTD conducts fundamental research to understand the biology of select agent pathogens, toxicants, and microbiology communities and provides innovative solutions to national security and energy challenges.”

Bob Maxwell

Division Leader
Materials Science

“Through innovative materials R&D, the Materials Division directs its materials expertise and capabilities to address a broad range of challenges from applications in energy and carbon management to stewardship of the nation's nuclear deterrent.”

Dawn Shaughnessy

Division Leader
Nuclear and Chemical Sciences

“We advance scientific understanding, capabilities, and technologies in nuclear and particle physics, analytical and radiochemistry, forensic, chemical and isotopic signatures to support LLNL’s science and security missions.”

William Evans

Division Leader

“We conduct leading-edge research to anticipate and address 21st century science challenges and security missions that draw upon our expertise in astrophysics, planetary science, condensed matter physics, atomic & plasma physics and high energy density physics.”

Patricia Berge

Deputy Associate Director

“We provide comprehensive oversight of safety, security, and business practices for PLS Directorate in compliance with DOE requirements, without impeding programmatic work.”

Melissa Odom

Lead Financial Analyst

“Lead Resource Manager for the PLS Directorate, providing oversight and guidance on all direct and indirect budgets for the organization.”

LaNor Smith

Directorate Administrator

“The PLS administrative team provides quality support to employees and affiliated personnel to assure compliance of policies and procedures while meeting time-critical demands and productivity needs.”

Kurt Dreger

Assurance Manager

“The Assurance Office provides independent environmental, health, safety and security assessment capabilities to the PLS AD by conducting self-assessments, incident analysis, metric development and tracking, and issue management.”